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Planet of the Damned play-by e-mail role playing game

In the far future Mankind has spread into the stars, but dangers lurk. The Enemy, a high-tech alien race, wages a war against Humanity. Pale-skinned humanoids, the Enemy feed off the life force of sentient beings. Although physically strong, they are effectively immortal as long as they have beings upon which to feed. As they can only die from violence, they prefer to use robots and drone for fighting, so much that for a long time humans thought the enemy was an artificial intelligence. Employing neural bombs, scrambler beams and stun batons, the Enemy try to take prisoners upon which they can feed. Living aboard vast motherships, they have no vulnerable homeworlds for humans to counter-attack and so far have prevailed in the ongoing war.

On the frontier, a forlorn colony world came under attack. Knowing the colonists face a fate worse than death if they fall into Enemy hands, a transport ship, the SS Verloren, was ordered to evacuate the colony. Packed with desperate civilians and the remnants of the military garrison, the ship fought free of the blockading Enemy fleet. Damaged and off course, it crash landed on an unexplored world.

Loaded in a panic, the passengers are a motley, disorganized lot. With the death of the captain and his senior officers in the crash, the survivors look to their own for leadership—the Marines follow the senior Marine, army troops look to their own, the surviving ship crewmen to their officers, the civilians to people from their own districts that led them before the evacuation. Lost in uncharted space and riven by distrust, can the castaways organize a colony, find sustenance and make a new home for themselves... or will this prove to be The Planet of the Damned?

Joining the castaways on the Planet of the Damned

Planet of the Damned is a sandbox-type play-by-e-mail game where players live out a fantasy of leading a faction of survivors castaway on an alien world. Interested in joining the castaways? Since the game is more about choices, diplomacy, role-playing and making the most of what you have, rather than vanquishing your rivals or conquering the world, there is no disadvantage to entering the game late. Contact the Game Master at son@cox.net. Submit your first orders by the next weekly deadline. Feel free to ask the GM questions. Be sure to read the rules and join the forum.

Players get 30 experience points (XP) to make one or more characters. They start with 100 followers and 700 items salvaged from the crash. These items can include ration packs (food), tools, medical supplies, blasters, power packs, and consumer goods (items such as blankets, household items, toys and videos.)

Blasters use rechargeable power packs for “ammunition.” Power packs are lightweight and don’t count as “equipment” for carrying purposes, but can only be recharged at a charging station. With the ship’s reactor out of commission, they are a limited resource.

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Who is M.E. Brines?

M.E. Brines spent the Cold War assembling atomic artillery shells and preparing to unleash the Apocalypse (and has a medal to prove it.) But when peace broke out, he turned his fevered, paranoid imagination to other pursuits. He spends his spare time scribbling another steampunk romance occult adventure novel, which despite certain rumors absolutely DOES NOT involve time-traveling Nazi vampires!

A former member of the British Society for Psychical Research, he is the author of three dozen books, e-books, chapbooks and pamphlets on esoteric subjects such as alien abduction, alien hybrids, astrology, the Bible, biblical prophecy, Christian discipleship, conspiracies, esoteric Nazism, the Falun Gong, Knights Templar, magick, and UFOs, his work has also appeared in Challenge magazine, Weird Tales, The Outer Darkness, Tales of the Talisman, and Empirical magazine.

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