Steampunk Society

Picture Gallery

The Emperor Rudolf II

Emperor of Reichsland

Baron Roman von Ungern-Sternberg

Archbishop Adrian I

Archduchess Karlotta

The emperor's younger sister.

Prince Humperdink

The emperor's second son

Princess Penelope

Count von Spee

Count Ost

Count Orlok

Count Zeppelin

Count Riesling

Countess Bathory

Baron Rothschild

Baron Richthofen

Baroness Mary Vetsera

Baron Victor Frankenstein

Baron Heidelberg

Baron Blackforest

Dieter Thyssen

Ludwig-Camille LaGrande III

Captain Nemo

Ex-Colonel Franz von Hipper

Colonel Helmuth von Moltke

Alois Schickelgruber

A former army corporal and itinerant painter of postcards whose rants really draw a crowd.

Garvo Princip

A consumptive but idealistic university student with an itchy trigger finger.

Mata Hari

A gorgeous cabaret singer specializing in seduction and burglary

Maynard van der Lube

fanatic and pyromaniac

Gustav Meyer

Noted mystic

Nikola Tesla

scientist and inventor

Maleva the Gypsy


Klement Skoda


Fraulein Doktor Elsbeth Schragmüller

Professor Plum

Renowned lecturer at the University of Heidelberg

Karl Maria Wiligut

noted mystic

Conrad Schwartz


Willem Johannes Roos

Ludwig Eisenhower


Boris Eisenberg


Manfred Krupp

Albert Miner


Nieman Schwartzkopf


Fredrich Ratzel

Renowned geographer

Michael Horvath


Rudolf Rocker

Renowned Secretary of the International Worker's Association