Steampunk Society

March 1880

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The Social Register

Non-player characters (NPC) belong to no faction and have recruitment costs indicated in (parenthesis.) Neither Emperor Barbarossa nor the Archbishop can be recruited.

(X) Emperor Barbarossa II

(X) The Archbishop – Prestige+10

(500) Prince Humperdink– Prestige+50

(500) Countess Bathory – Maygarian estates+50

(500) Albert Miner – Black Forest coal mine+50

(500) Kurt Dieter – Heidelberg coal mine+50

(500) Count Ost – estate+50

(500) Count Riesling – estate+50

(300) Baron Richthofen – aerial combat+9, estates+21

(300) Count Spee – Naval tactics+9, estates+21

(200) Baron Blackforest – estates+20

(200) Baron Heidelberg – estates+20

(120) Heinrich Grune – Capital factory+10 (+20 wealth)

(120) Adolf Verloren – Capital factory+10 (+20 wealth)

(120) Hermann Blohm – Spee shipyard+10 (+20 wealth)

(120) Ernst Goettl – Capital factory+10 (+20 wealth)

(120) Fredrich Finstermacher – Capital factory+10 (+20 wealth)

(120) Gustav Gestrunken – Capital factory+10 (+20 wealth)

(120) Hans Schmeisser – Capital factory+10 (+20 wealth)

(120) J. A. Topf – Capital factory+10 (+20 wealth)

(120) Karl Macher – Capital factory+10 (+20 wealth)

(120) Klement Skoda – Capital factory+10 (+20 wealth)

(120) Manfred Krupp – Capital factory+10 (+20 wealth)

(90) Alois Schickelgruber – Charisma+9 An itinerant painter of postcards whose rants really draw a crowd.

(90) Garvo Princip – assassination+9 A consumptive but idealistic university student with an itchy trigger finger.

(90) Mata Hari – Stealth&stealing+9 A gorgeous cabaret singer specializing in seduction and burglary

(80) Oskar Ritter von NiedermayerStealth&stealing+8

(80) Johannes LiechtenauerDueling+8

(70) Hans TalhofferDueling+7

(60) Sigmund RingeckDueling+6

(60) General Blaskowitz army tactics+2

(50) Josef Romer – assassination+5

(40) General Schlieffen – army tactics+4

(40) Paulus Hector MairDueling+4

(10) Maynard van der Lube – assassination+1 Feeble-minded but loyal.

FACTIONS (the players)

Brotherhood of Fury (influence -2)

Baron Rothschild – a townhouse in the capital

The Camarilla (influence +7)

Archduke FesterPrestige+50 (The emperor's younger brother)

Peter the Pretender – Prestige+1

Professor Plumprestige+2 Noted author and lecturer at the University of Heidelberg

The Consortium (influence +6)

Ludwig Eisenhower – Richthofen iron works+50

Cultus Mechanicus (influence 0)

Conrad Schwartz – Black Forest coal mine+50, Spee Shipyard+5

Fortgeschritten Metalle Gruppe (FMG) (influence 0)

Boris Eisenberg – Jarlsberg iron works+52, Jarlsberg factory+3

House Horvath (influence +4)

Michael Horvath – Transylvanian coal mine+51, factory+4

Order of the Black Onyx (influence +1)

Count Orlok – mysticism+9, estates+0, Transylvanian castle+1

Gustav Meyer – mysticism+1

Promethean Society (influence+5)

Princess Penelope – Prestige+50

Captain Nemo – Science!+1

Maleva the Gypsy – mysticism+1

Karl Maria Wiligut – mysticism+3

Theodore Czepl – mysticism+1

The Red Rose Society (influence 0)

Crown Prince Rudolf– Prestige+50

Baroness Mary Vetsera

Colonel Blomberg – army tactics+2

General von Bueller – army tactics+3

Colonel Poupon – army tactics+1

The Rosicrucians (influence+1)

Baron Frankenstein – Science!+1, Jarlsberg castle [+1], Jarslberg estate+21, Jarlsberg factory+1

Scientific Consortium of Investigative Operations (SCIOP) (influence 0)

Archduchess Karlotta – Prestige+50 The emperor's younger sister.

Fraulein Doktor Elsbeth SchragmüllerStealth&Stealing+7

Slight of Hand Guild (influence 0)

Willem Johannes RoosStealth&Stealing+6

Technical Sciences Guild (influence 0)

Nikola Tesla – Science!+1

Vereinigte Kaufmännisch und Bergwerks Aktiengesellschaft (influence 0) (VKBA)

Nieman Schwartzkopf – Heidelberg coal mine+50, Heidelberg estate+1

Veterans from Wars (VFW) (influence 0)

General Paul von Lettow-Vorbek – army tactics+9

Count Zeppelin (influence 0)

Count Zeppelin – Science!+1 Jarlsberg estate+19, Jarlsberg factory+3


Chancellor = Baron Frankenstein

Treasurer = Michael Horvath = 35 food, 9 wealth, 4 outstanding bonds (be sure to pay interest), 1 police regiment in the capital.

Foreign Minister = Princess Penelope = 2 wealth

Imperial Steward = Archduchess Karlotta = imperial estates at Kingsburg+55, 2 wealth, 25 food

Minister of the Interior = Archduke Fester = 11 police regiments, 13 food, 2 wealth

Minister of War – The Capital – Willem Roos = 1 stack of rifles, 1 elite cavalry regiment (the “Imperial Guards”) 64 supplies, 8 stacks of shells, 2 piles of coal (might want to have them deliver coal and shells and such directly to the armies)

1st Army -- Riesling – Count Riesling / General Paul von Lettow-Vorbek = 8 infantry regiments, 1 elite grenadier regiment, 1 cavalry regiment, 1 artillery regiment, 1 stack of rifles

2nd ArmyHeidelbergBaron Heidelberg / General Schlieffen = 9 infantry regiments, 1 cavalry regiment, 1 artillery regiment, 1 stack of rifles, 2 supplies

3rd Army – Kingsburg – Baron Richthofen / General Blaskowitz = 9 infantry regiments, 1 cavalry regiment, 1 artillery regiment, 1 stack of rifles, 1 stack of supplies

4th Army – Transylvania – Count Ost / Crown Prince Rudolf = 1 elite regiment of “mountaineers,” 10 cavalry regiments, 1 supply dump

Imperial Navy SpeeAdmiral Count von Spee = 1 steam-ship-of-the-line, 1 regiment of Imperial Marines, 1 artillery park,

Foreign Places

Locations with yellow flags are independent.

Astrakhan, a lonely outpost along the Silk Road to the Orient, long surpassed by sea routes to the the East. Food+24

Britannia rules the waves, having the largest fleet in the world. The red Union Jack flag flies above the world's largest colonial empire, with extensive holdings in Afrika and the Orient. Their current monarch is Queen Vicky the Unamused, Empress of Hindoostand and All She Surveys. Coal+281, Iron+225, Factories+225

Aegypt, formerly a possession of the Caliph, is now controlled by the Brits because of its canal, a shortcut to Hindoostan. Bumph Uck lies to the south. Food+25

Hindoostan is ruled by the British Queen as “Empress of Hindoostan.” Food+221

Burgundy once dominated the continent under the infamous Emperor Napoleon. Now ruled by his nephew, the corpulent and self-styled “Napoleon III,” it looks back fondly upon its glory days under his uncle. Their flag is, of course, purple.

Bordeaux, home port of the Burgundian fleet, is known for its seafood. food+50, factories+10

Champagne is a rich iron-producing region Iron+50

Chardonnay is known for its coal+50

Merlot is known for their food+50

Pinot is the Burgundian capital with factories+40

Sauvingnon lies in a mountainous region. food+50

Tokay lies along the northern shore. Food+50

The Caliphate is ruled by Caliph Selim the Sot. Followers of a strange Eastern religion, their flag is the green of the Prophet.

Ararat is an desolate ancient mountain range lying between the Caliphate and Moldavia. Food+0

Assyria is a region of sinkholes and volcanic craters rich in petroleum but little else. Oil+0

Azov is a desolate much fought over region. Food+0

Baghdad is the location of the Caliph's palace and harem (which doesn't see nearly as much action as his wine cellar.) food+30

Bulgaria. Inhabited by Slobs who seethe under the Caliph's brutal fist. food+50

Dacia. The Dacians are ethnically related to the Slobs. food+50

Lower Slobovia is the high-water mark of Caliph Suliman the Great's conquests. Food+50

Makka, the Holy City. Infidels are not permitted within its walls. food+25

Polesti is a mountainous region inhabited by conquered Poles. Food+50, Oil+0

The City States are a collection of small republics and principalities along the southern coast. Mutually antagonistic, they squabble constantly and would probably be considered a major power if they ever united.

Anchovy island lies off the southern coast of Neapol. Food+24

Chianti is known for their basketwork, food+25

Frenzy, famous for their annual mardi gras festival, food+25

Fume lies in a swampy region along the coast. Infamous for its ill wind. Food+25

Lichtenstein is a mountainous region known for yodeling, food+25

Muscatel is infamous for their sweet wine. Food+25

Neapol is the largest city in the City States, a “capital” of sorts. Their flag is red, white and brown. Food+25

Parma, known for their hard cheese, food+25

Pizza, famous for their leaning tower, which Galileo used as an observatory, food+25

San Marino is famous for their wool. Food+25

Torino, although the locals insist the name is “Grand” Torino. food+25

Upper Slobovia, home of the Slobs. Food+25

Crapistan is a desolate desert waste, oil+0

Finmark lies to the north, a land of dark forests and blonde women, known for its fine metalwork. Depending on who you ask, their green flag is said to reflect the color of their fir trees, the ice in the mountain glaciers, or perhaps the water in the fjords. The ruling monarch is King Bjork.

Bergen fisheries+34

Narvik fisheries+25 factories+14

Swedenhaven, the capital. iron works+150

The Lake District is a low-lying uninhabited region. Food+0

Battavia is a low-lying land known for windmills, wooden shoes and cheese. Ruled by Queen Wilhelmenia. Cheeseries(food)+50

Flanders, site of the climatic battle of the Napoleonic Wars, was made a neutral zone by the treaty ending the war. Jointly guaranteed by Burgundy, Britannia and the Empire, all pledge to fight the first one that violates the neutrality. Lately large deposits of iron(+25) and coal (+25) have been discovered there. Ruled by King Leopold.

Sangria lies to the south of Burgundy. Known for their fiery passions, the people of Sangria disdain outsiders. Their monarch is King Juan Carlos. Food+120

Moldavia lies to the East, a backward land of superstition and strange customs ruled by Czar Alexander III, an absolute emperor. The Moldavian flag is pink, giving rise to the derisive term for Moldavians: Pinkos.

Blizerta is covered with forests. Coal+50

Carpathia is a mountainous region along the Imperial frontier. Food+64

Churnoble is a swampy region of often brackish water. Food+50

Cossackia only nominally obeys orders from the Czar. An independent people, they resist the Caliph's incursions fiercely. Food+64

Czargrad lies along the western bank of a great river. Iron+0

Latvertia. Food+64

Minsk. Food+54

Murmansk is Moldavia's only port. Factories+14

Novgorod is Moldavia's capital. Iron+50

Pinsk. Food+55

Poltava. Homeland of the Poles. Food+54

Ural Mountain. Coal+9

Purrshah shares the Caliph's religion but also cultivates an exotic passion for smoosh-faced cats. Food+50, oil+0


Most of the continent is split between miserable colonial outposts controlled by the Brits or Burgundians. There are, however, a few independent territories.

Kameroon is a swampy region of jungle inhabited by many small tribes. Food+12

Namibia lies along a desolate stretch of cost in southern Afrika. The only anchorage is inhabited primarily by a colony of walruses. A desert waste inhabited by Stone Age natives who haven't even advanced to the point of forming tribes, it's used mostly by whalers or merchant ships in trouble who need an anchorage for repairs. There is little fresh water and no real food available and the place couldn't even be used to establish spice plantations.

Togoland is ruled by the High Chieftain, a savage barbarian with a bone through his nose and nine wives. Food+10

Zanzibar lies along the coast of darkest Afrika. The Sultan is a noted slave trader known to trade spices for guns and liquor. Spice+10