1,080 Children of the Light

1,051 Tolaris

1,050 The Big Feet * * * NPC

1,034 Kannahi

1,024 Xanthti

1,005 Mordegal

1,004 Oni

1,000 Clan of Light * * * NPC

994 Varidian

975 Vulcania

975 Ushanti

971 Tindalls

873 Cimmeria


10 Tolaris

0 Cimmeria

0 Oni

0 Tindalls

0 Children of Light

0 Clan of Light

0 Xanthi

0 Ushanti

0 Mordegals

0 Varidian

0 Vulcania

0 Kannahi


Cimmerians are tall and powerful, with dark hair and blue or grey eyes. They are a people forged by the very harsh conditions of their land, known for their hardiness and martial prowess, as well as to their many other impressive skills. They are said to climb seemingly impassable cliffs, track humans and animals with ease, and stalk their prey without making a sound. They are also known for their sense of justice.

The Kannahi are a coastal people, exiles from the Tolaris. The Tolaris say they committed “unspeakable acts.” The Kannahi say their crime was “being too awesome.”

The Oni are a caste based race with each caste having very distinct physical and mental attributes. Typically 5-6' tall, he "Oni-Akuma" Caste are smaller and extremely intelligent and typically tend to be Magic Users or Priests. Typically 6-7' tall, the "Kishi-Akuma" Caste are tall are of average intellect and are very burly and muscular. they savor Honorable Warfare; but are not prone to Blood Lust as are the "Basaka-Akuma." Typically 6-7' tall, the "Basaka-Akuma" Caste are tall dumb brutes. Fanatically loyal to the Oni-Akuma they serve as personal body guards and Elite shock troops. they are prone to a Blood Lust rage causing them to go Berserk in Combat making them deadly foes, but utterly useless at following commands. Typically 5-6' tall, the "Akuma" Caste are of standard humanoid intellect and build. The standard caste of the Oni, they serve as labor force, traders, and craftsman. They invented agriculture on turn two and founded the first city on turn 3.

Tindalls are a patriarchal society of herdsmen who domesticated dogs and horses on turn one.

Tolaris practice ancestor worship, sacrificing to the spirits of those who have gone before.

The Ushanti have a sweet tooth and cultivate bees for their honey.

The Mordegal people were founded by the ancestor god, Mordeg, who stole the fire of life from the sun. Taking clay from Mother Earth, he used the heat of creation to breathe life into his children, promising them all that they could see as their birthright. Mordeg is a clever god, valuing intelligence and cunning as much as strength, if not more. He is worshiped with burnt offerings.